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Women of Hope

The Women of Hope simply want to connect women to God, the Word, and one another. We are all blessed with special gifts, and we will equip ladies to use their gifts to glorify God, serve their families & communities, and make disciples through Bible study. The Women of Hope meet for L.I.F.T. every fifth Tuesday with a meal and a program. 

Women’s Groups

A group of women (3-4) committed to meet weekly to pursue gospel transformation in their lives and encourage one another to live as a faithful disciple maker.

Why are women’s groups important?

This small group of women will help one another faithfully live as disciples of Jesus in all ways – character, relationships, and mission. These women will encourage one another, share in victories and struggles, and be accountable to each other. Just as Jesus often taught crowds (Matthew 13:2, Mark 3:20, Luke 12:1), Jesus met more often with his small group of twelve (Matthew 4:18-22, Luke 6:13), and poured himself even further into a smaller group of three (Mark 14:33, Luke 8:50-55, Matthew 26:36-39).

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2021 Women of Hope Conference

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