If you’ve never been a part of a small group (which consists of about 8-12 people) or pursued biblical community, you may wonder what they are all about. At Living Hope, we want to give you the opportunity to not only learn what biblical community is, but to experience it for yourself. That journey starts with Rooted, our 10-week group experience. It is offered twice a year and provides you a safe place to ask questions, be known, and grow as you root your faith in Jesus.

In addition to these groups, our men’s and women’s groups meet regularly for biblical community, as well. These smaller groups (typically 2-4 people) gather for study, encouragement, and accountability for the purpose of making disciples. If you are interested in joining a men’s or women’s group, keep an eye on our Men’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry events offered throughout the year. At each of these events we promote and provide ways to connect with these groups.

For any questions about joining the community at Living Hope email us at

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