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Equip Courses

Living Hope’s Equip Ministries provide resources, core courses, Adult Bible Fellowships, and training events to help Living Hope disciples follow Jesus with biblically-transformed minds, passionate hearts, and faithful lives.

Winter 2024 Equip Courses

How to Read & Live the Bible’s Books of Wisdom
Wednesdays | 6-8p | Fellowship Hall | Apr 10–May 8

The Wisdom books of the Old Testament – Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon – are some of the most beautiful in the Bible. They are also some of the most consistently misunderstood. In this brief course, we will introduce the basic content & teaching of each book. Then, we will learn how to read, accurately interpret, and apply each one to our lives as disciples.

Core Equip Courses

Holy Habits

Becoming Like Jesus from the Inside Out

Jesus called His disciples to live His life, His way. Growing like Jesus requires the intentional training of
the soul through essential spiritual practices or disciplines that have shaped Christians for centuries: Bible reading & study, prayer, silence, fasting, and the Sabbath. Join is as we study the Biblical roots and literally practice these habits together.

Alpha & Omega

The One Story We Find Ourselves In

You will get to know the Bible, the sacred text of your faith, like never before. You’ll see how where the
individual books of the Bible fit into the big Story of Creation, Fall, Rescue and Restoration. You’ll learn the Bible’s key people, the turning points, and core truths. Participants will read, hear, and explore the unfolding story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation—and by the end, be able to tell the whole story in your own


Making Disciples Where You, Your Friends, & Jesus’ Gospel Cross

Jesus called His disciples to make disciples of spiritually lost people where they live, work, learn, and play.  We’ll explore how to connect with our lost friends, engage in gospel conversations, and use Three Big Things and The Disciple’s Life to help others know and begin the journey of following Jesus. (Christian Witness) 

True North

Navigating Your Journey as a Disciple by the Truths of the Bible

It’s important that disciples of Jesus develop knowledge, understanding, and convictions concerning what they believe about the core doctrines of Christianity– and why. This course will help you build a firm foundation for life on God’s Word so that you can confidently and faithfully live by His truth in an ever-changing world. 

Gospel Formed

How the Gospel Shapes All of Life

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the core message of the Christian faith. But is not given only to save us from eternal judgment; it is meant to transform us for daily living — shaping who we are, how we live, how we relate to others, how we suffer, how we engage the culture, and more.


Resolving Everyday Conflict

Wherever people relate, conflict happens. Every person is coming out of, is in the middle of, or is entering a season of conflict. God calls His children to take the initiative as peacemakers, living out the reconciling promises of the gospel. This course will teach a simple, Biblical process for processing conflict and pursuing peace with others in all kinds of relationships. 

Additional Courses

Gospel-Centered Marriage

Christian marriage is a mystery that calls a man and a woman to “become one flesh” for a lifetime. But that journey is no fairy-tale; it requires that a couple get real about their sin and brokenness, and lean together into the hope of Jesus’ gospel as they navigate communication, conflict, sex, gender roles, and more. 

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