Spheres of Training

Both the Church Ministries and Vocational Tracks of MiT are built on three entwined areas of training.

Biblical & theological training to develop gospel convictions (this happens through our Equip Core courses).

Personal growth training to develop gospel character (this happens in small groups of MiT participants).

Skill development training to develop gospel ministry competency (this happens with a ministry leader for the Church Ministries track and with others in your vocational field in the Vocational Track).  

None is optional; all are crucial; each is intimately related to the others.  In differing levels of intensity, each emphasis will have content to learn, affection to shape, and skills to develop—all in community.  

Over the course of the year, there will be other aspects of the training process like forums, day retreats, and short-form video seminars. Some will involve all MiT participants; others will be specific to each track.