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The Kids Ministry is committed to partner with families and provide a safe and fun learning environment. We’ll provide solid, age-appropriate biblical teaching tools and scripture-based resources that will communicate God’s love for your child, His plan for their life, and reveal the truth of His word. We do this through our Sunday morning gatherings, camps, and family-inclusive events.

Preschool & Sunday School classes are available during the 9:30a hour. Limited preschool classes ONLY are available during the 8a hour. NO preschool or Sunday School classes are available during the 11a hour.

This summer (June 9-13, 6-8p nightly), we’ll take kids deep into an amazing undersea adventure where they’ll experience the ever-flowing, never-ending love of God. It’ll be a head-first dive into God’s Word to discover what living water is really all about. Register your kids or volunteer by clicking the button below.

Sunday Morning Resources


Foundational Truth: God is Good

Foundational Truth: God is Good

Foundational Truth: God is in Charge of Everything

Foundational Truth: The Church is God’s Family

Kindergarten-4th Grade

Brite Idea: Jesus Changes Lives
He Question: How can Jesus change lives?
We Question: Is there anyone Jesus can’t change?

Brite Idea: Only God is worthy of worship
He Question: Why is God worthy of worship?
We Question: Why do people worship other Gods?

Brite Idea: Jesus Frees Us
He Question: How is Jesus able to free us?
We Question: Why do we need Jesus to free us?

Brite Idea: God’s plan is unstoppable
He Question: Is there anyone or anything that can stop God?
We Question: How can we know God’s plan?

Parent Gatherings

Sunday Mornings
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