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The Kids Ministry is committed to partner with families and provide a safe and fun learning environment. We’ll provide solid, age-appropriate biblical teaching tools and scripture-based resources that will communicate God’s love for your child, His plan for their life, and reveal the truth of His word. We do this through our Sunday morning gatherings, camps, and family-inclusive events.

Preschool & Sunday School classes are available during the 9:30a hour. Limited preschool classes ONLY are available during the 8a hour. NO preschool or Sunday School classes are available during the 11a hour.

Sunday Morning Resources


Review Questions. You can start with, “Tell me what you learned today.”

October 1

God Rescues Isaac – Genesis 21-22

Foundational Truth: God is in charge of everything.

  • Did God give Abraham and Sarah a son?
    • Yes, because God always keeps his promises
  • What was their son’s name?
    • Isaac
  • What did God ask Abraham to do with Isaac?
    • God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac and give Isaac back to God.
  • Did Abraham obey?
    • Yes, Abraham did obey because he loved and trusted God.
  • What happened right before Abraham was about to kill Isaac?
    • Abraham heard a voice that told him not to kill his son, Isaac.
  • How do we know that God can keep His promises?
    • Because God is in charge of everything.
  • Let’s say our foundational truth together: “God is in charge of everything.

October 8

God Uses Joseph – Genesis 37; 41-46; 50

Foundational Truth: God is good.

  • Who was the man in our story today?
    • Joseph
  • Why were Joseph’s brothers angry at him?
    • They had sin in their hearts and were jealous that Jacob did special things for Joseph.
  • What did Joseph’s brothers do to Joseph?
    • They wanted to get rid of him so they sold him to be enslaved in Egypt.
  • Where did Joseph go to become enslaved?
    • Joseph was enslaved in Egypt.
  • Pharaoh had a terrible dream. Who told Pharaoh what the dream meant?
    • Joseph
  • What did the dream mean?
    • The people would be out of food for a long time because of bad weather.
  • Who came to Egypt in search of food?
    • Joseph’s brothers
  • How did Joseph treat his brothers?
    • He forgave them, gave them food, and brought his whole family to Egypt to take care of them.
  • Let’s say our foundational truth together: “God is good.”

October 15

God Rescues and Calls Moses – Exodus 1-3

Foundational Truth: God wants to talk with us.

  • Who were God’s special and chosen people?
    • Abraham’s family, the Israelites
  • What did Pharaoh do to the Israelites in Egypt?
    • He made them slaves and made sure every baby Israelite boy was killed.
  • What did the Israelites do?
    • They cried and prayed for help.
  • Did Got hear them?
    • Yes
  • Who found and raised Moses?
    • Pharaoh’s daughter
  • Did Moses stay in Egypt?
    • No, he killed an Egyptian, ran away, and became a shepherd.
  • Moses saw something while he was taking care of his sheep. What was it?
    • A bush that was on fire but not burning up.
  • Who called out to him from the bush?
    • God
  • What did God tell Moses to do?
    • Go back to Egypt to be a part of His rescue plan.
  • Was Moses excited or scared?
    • He was very scared, but God said He would be with him.
  • God hears our prayers and God wants to talk with us about His plan to save us!

October 22

God Sends the Plagues – Exodus 7-12

Foundational Truth: God is in charge of everything.

  • Why did God send Moses to Egypt?
    • He used Moses to save the Israelites from enslavement.
  • Who was the king of Egypt?
    • Pharaoh
  • Moses told Pharaoh to let God’s people go free from being enslaved. Would Pharaoh listen to Moses and do what God said?
    • No!
  • God sent many things to Egypt to show His power and save the Israelites. What were these things?
    • Water turned to blood, frogs, flies, gnats, animals died, skin hurt, darkness, and all the firstborn boys died.
  • Finally, after all of these things that God sent to show how powerful he was, did Pharaoh listen to Moses and do what God said?
    • Yes!
  • How do we know that God is powerful enough to save His people?
    • Because God is in charge of everything.
  • Let’s say our foundational truth together: “God is in charge of everything.”

October 29

God Rescues the Israelites at the Red Sea – Exodus 14

Foundational Truth: God is in charge of everything.

  • God sent Moses to save the Israelites. What were the Israelites doing in Egypt?
    • They were enslaved people who worked for the Egyptians.
  • What did God put in the sky to lead the Israelites?
    • A cloud in the day and a fire at night.
  • While the Israelites were leaving, what was happening with Pharaoh back in Egypt?
    • Pharaoh wanted the Israelites to come back and be enslaved in Egypt again.
  • Let’s say our foundational truth together: “God is in charge of everything.”

Kindergarten-4th Grade

Monthly memory verse: “I am the first and I am the last; besides Me there is no God.” Isaiah 44:6b

October 1

The Sun Stood Still (Joshua 10)

  • Brite Idea
    • God keeps his promises
  • He Question
    • Why does God keep his promises?
      • God is completely good. He never lies or changes His mind. If He has said He will do something, it would be against His character to not do it.
  • We Question
    • How can we know what God’s promises are?
      • God’s Word, the Bible, is filled with His promises to us. By studying the Bible, we can discover the thousands of promises He has made to His people.

October 8

Deborah (Judges 4)

  • Brite Idea
    • God is victorious
  • He Question
    • Is anyone or anything greater than God?
      • NO! God is all-powerful. There is nothing or no one anywhere who is more powerful than He is.
  • We Question
    • How can we face tough times in life?
      • We can trust that God loves us. He is always with us. He fights for us and He is more powerful than anything we battle.

October 15

Eli, Hannah, and Samuel (1 Samuel 1-3)

  • Brite Idea
    • God cares for us
  • He Question
    • Does God know what’s happening in people’s lives?
      • God knows everything, including the details of every single person’s life. He knows us and He cares about us.
  • We Question
    • How does God show that He cares about us?
      • God is with us all the time. He hears our prayers and answers them in the way He knows best. He provides for us and gives us His peace and grace.

October 22

David & Jonathan (1 Samuel 20)

  • Brite Idea
    • God’s plan comes first
  • He Question
    • Why should God’s plan come first?
      • God’s plan is the most important, and He will make it happen. When we put His plan first, we acknowledge that His way is best.
  • We Question
    • Do we have to live out God’s plan on our own?
      • God gives us other people who can encourage us, strengthen us, love us, and help us. He gives us the church as a community that can serve Him together.

October 29

Elijah on Mt. Carmel (1 Kings 18:16-45)

  • Brite Idea
    • The Lord is the one true God
  • He Question
    • Is God real?
      • The God of the Bible is the one true God. He exists. He is the Creator of everything and He loves us.
  • We Question
    • How does God show people that He is the one true God?
      • God reveals Himself through His creation. Also, the Bible tells us all we need to know about Him. God also revealed who He was by sending Jesus to live on the earth.

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