A Thriving Life is Built with God’s True Word

Jesus is Victorious

Jesus is King

Never Be Naive and Always Honor God

Always Act Justly

Expect Opposition & Overcome

Serve God’s Cause

Stay Focused on God

Get Clarity and then Get Busy

Difficult Days Require Wisdom

Difficult Days Require Acts of Faith

Difficult Days Require Prayer

Difficult Days Require Drastic Responses

Difficult Days Require a Realistic Perception

Difficult Days Require a Real, Gracious God

The Light is Life Changing

The Light is Liberating

The Light is Victorious

The Light has Come

God Makes Us Thankful & Wise

God Strengthens Saints

God Does What Can’t Be Imagined

God Works Through His Church

God Dwells in His People

God Gives Peace

God Raises the Dead

God Desires We Make More Disciples

God Desires We Connect in Groups

God Desires We Serve at Church & Beyond

God Desires We Equip for Growth

God Desires We Gather for Worship

Love Your Busy Neighbors

Love Your Lonely Neighbors

Love Your Rich Neighbors

Love Your Hurting Neighbors

Love Your Country

Love Your Church

Love Your Enemies

Love Your Neighbor

Love the Ones You’re With

He Brings Warmth

He Gives Help

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Praises

New Beginnings are a Blessing

Graduation Is a Big Step

Jesus Loves to Party

Another Promise of God Made and Kept

Easter – God’s Promise Kept

Palm Sunday – God’s Promise Made

It Happens with Divine Appointments

It Happens with Wisdom

It Happens in Individual Hearts

It Happens At Biblical Milestones

It Happens with Defining Moments

It Happens with Significant Time

It Starts with Mom and Dad

It Grows Over Time

It Happens Through Faith

It Starts with Grace

See the Need in Every Generation

See the Need in Every Neighbor

See the Need in Every Home