10:20 Focus

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Rejoice in the Goal of the Lord

Rejoice in Being Found in the Lord

Rejoice in Being Worshippers of God

Rejoice in Being Disciples

Rejoice in Being Connected

Rejoice in Being Useful to God

Rejoice in Being Transformed

Rejoice in Being the Church

God’s Love Revealed

God’s Weapons for Spiritual Warfare Revealed

God’s Purpose for Family & Work Revealed

God’s Light Revealed

God’s Renewal Revealed

God’s Church Revealed

God’s Strength Revealed

God’s Mystery Revealed

God’s Peace Revealed

God’s Grace Revealed

God’s Resurrection Power Revealed

God’s Hope Revealed

God the Spirit Revealed

God the Son Revealed

God the Father Revealed

God’s Blessing Revealed


Experiencing the Cross of Christ

Experiencing Church

Experiencing The Spirit

Experiencing Freedom

Experiencing Friendship

Experiencing Sonship

Experiencing Scripture

Experiencing Faith

Experiencing Justification

Experiencing Correction

Experiencing Transformation

Experiencing Grace

The Good News Displayed

What is the Good News?

The Prince of Peace

The Prince is the Everlasting Father

The Prince is the Mighty God

The Prince is the Wonderful Counselor

The Prince is God’s Son

The People Have God’s Courage

The People Have God’s Mission

The People Have God’s Family

The People Have God’s Call

The People Have God’s Perspective

The People Have God’s Conviction

The People Have God’s Boldness

The People Have God’s Prophet

The People Have God’s Blessing

The People Have God’s Message

The People Have God’s Power

The Passion to Make More Disciples

The Passion to Connect with a Group

The Passion to Equip for Growth

The Passion to Gather for Worship

The Passion to Serve the Church & World

Blessed are the Persecuted

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Blessed are The Merciful

Blessed are Those Who Desire Righteousness

Blessed are the Meek

Blessed are Those Who Mourn

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

The Helper of the Plan

The Sacrifice of the Plan

The Good News of the Plan

The Intent of the Plan

The Demands of the Plan

The Secrets of the Plan

The Priority of the Plan

Easter 2022

The Plan is for Us to Seek God

The Plan is for Us to Glorify God

The Plan is for Us to Pursue God

The Plan is for Us to Honor God

The Plan is for Us to Serve God

The Plan is for Us to Choose God

The Plan is for Us to Obey God

The Plan is for Us to Love God

The Plan is for Us to Trust God

Praying for Kingdom Victory

Praying with Kingdom Hope

Praying for the Kingdom Needs

Praying for the Holy Kingdom

Praying to the Holy Father of the King

The Kingdom of God vs The Kingdom of Humanity

A Message of Certainty for an Uncertain Future

Be Intentional at Christmas

Being a Christian in a Crisis

Be Responsive at Christmas

Be Grateful at Christmas

Exalting God Even When We Doubt

Seeking God Even When We Doubt