Re|Engage FAQs

Can I attend without my spouse? 
Yes! We encourage both spouses to attend and grow together, but welcome one spouse to participate.  

What if I can’t make it every week? 
Regular attendance is encouraged, but not required.  

If I miss a week, can I view a recording? 
Discussions in open group are confidential and remain with the participants from the current week. Feel free to join us the next available week.  

I don’t know if I’ll have a marriage by the end of the month. Is re|engage a good place for us?  
Absolutely! There are many couples who have attended, or are attending, who are separated or divorced. While the outcome is based on the work each individual is willing to do to save their marriage, the platform provides a safe place to focus on what a healthy marriage should look like, and it provides some tools to help grow toward this goal.  

 We don’t like spending time with each other anymore. Will we have to interact together? 
While you will be in a small group together, each of you will be sharing about what you learn personally each week. However, there are some exercises that may require you to interact with each other throughout the process.  

I have no hope anymore. Is this a place where we can find hope?  
Our prayer is that you will find hope that can come through allowing God to do a mighty work within your marriage.  

My marriage is doing well. Can we benefit by attending re|engage? 
Whether your marriage needs to be reignited, or is in need of a complete resurrection, re|engage is a safe place for couples to reconnect. 

We have only been married for 6 months. Can we still come?  
Absolutely! In fact, participating in re|engage at this stage in your marriage is a great idea! The program will provide a strong foundation for your marriage.