Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF)

Our Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes meet each Sunday morning, and they’re specifically designed to further equip disciples through the teaching of God’s word, fellowship, and discussion. To get plugged into an ABF, email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adult Bible Fellowship the same thing as Sunday School?

Sort of. Like Sunday School, ABFs meet weekly, focus on the study of the Bible, and provide an opportunity to build caring relationships with the Living Hope family. On the other hand, our ABFs are more tightly focused on equipping disciples through biblical and practical training for life on mission. 

What is the difference between Adult Bible Fellowships & Connect Groups? 

It is important to recognize that ABFs and Connect Groups are distinct spiritual growth environments. Both are important, but they’re not the same. 

ABFs are groups of 15-75 people that are open to any adult, meet every Sunday morning, and provide an immediate, first-step way to get connected with our faith family. Gifted teachers lead a study of the Bible – either through a set curriculum, the study of Bible books, or topical studies. 

Connect Groups (CGs) are a family of 6-12 disciples sent to make disciples who, together, pursue the transformation of their lives, families, and neighborhoods by the gospel of Jesus Christ. These groups are based in neighborhoods across our area and meet in homes during the week. CGs study God’s Word and share life to build the sort of gospel relationships that help each member grow more like Jesus and advance our church’s mission.

How do I get started in an Adult Bible Fellowship? 

Check out this directory of ABFs and feel free to visit around to find the group that is most comfortable for you. If you have questions or need additional help, stop by Guest Connect on Sunday mornings, call the church office at (270) 843-9462, or email

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