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A Boy in the Kingdom

Our sermon series for 2022 has been about Life in the Kingdom of God and what it looks like to be citizens of that kingdom. We are born into darkness, and that makes us slaves to sin. Jesus came to rescue us out of that darkness. If we’ll trust Christ for the forgiveness of our sin and submit to Him as our king, we begin to see the world in a new light as God intended. This brings us true life! This brings us joy. It brings us freedom! This makes us children of our great king and therefore, citizens of the Kingdom of God.

This is a poem about that kingdom transformation written by one of our church members, Kasey Alford. We hope this story of hope helps you see the reality of sin and the darkness and death it brings. We hope this story of hope encourages you to trust the true king and the life he brings when we live in obedience to Him.