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10:2 Focus

Because people need Jesus

Step 1: Prayer & Fasting
February 19-March 12

What is fasting?

“I continued fasting and praying before the God of heaven” Nehemiah 1:4

Christian fasting is the choice to go without food (though not water) or some other life-defining activity for some specific period of time in view of some specific spiritual purpose.

Fasting is God-centered. Among other spiritual motives, it may reflect an intense and urgent desire for God to move in a unique way to save lost people and build his church. That’s what we are fasting and praying for.

I’ve never done this. How do I fast?

  • Start small. Choose a couple of days each week in which you eat dinner one day, then skip breakfast and lunch the next. 
  • Intentionally use meal times as focused times of Bible reading, meditation, and prayer. Consider how this might affect others and communicate only with those who need to know. See Matthew 6:16-17. (It’s a beautiful opportunity to teach your children about the importance of seriously pursuing God.) 
  • If for medical or other reasons, it is not or possible to fast from food, fast from something else. Choose from that which dominates your time or thought: television, social media, hobbies, a relationship, etc. 
  • Follow the discomfort of your hunger to the throne of grace. When your stomach begins to growl or your mind yearns to check social media, etc., hear that as a signal to turn your thoughts to Christ, His Word, and His cause in the world.

Step 2: Pray for Specific People in Your World

Pray for the Spirit to draw them to God; for opportunities for gospel conversation with them in the next few weeks; and their positive response to an invitation to join you for an Easter worship service at Living Hope.

Step 3: Come to Easter Services with Your Friend

Expect God to do mighty and wonderful things.

Easter Services at Hope

Worship Center

Saturday, April 8 @ 6p
Sunday, April 9 @ 8, 9, 10:15, & 11:30a


Sunday, April 9 @ 10:15a

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