May 9, 2021|Mark 10:2-9

A Thriving Life Affirms the Truth About Marriage, the Family, & Sexuality

Sexuality, marriage, and the family are not man-made constructions, traditions, or preferences. They all are to be lived as creation mandates from a good and wise God.

Happy Mother’s Day! We celebrate the blessing of mothers, and we pray mothers everywhere feel the love and gratitude they deserve. We also pray for the women that long to be mothers and are hurting. We pray for the mothers who have lost children, and for the children that have lost their mother. May you be encouraged and comforted today.

Gift for Life
The Centers for Hope serve individuals, couples, and families who experience the brokenness of our sinful world through The Center for Biblical Counseling and The Center for Pregnancy. The Gift for Life offering will support and expand opportunities for the centers to share the gospel and meet the needs of individuals, couples, and families right here in our community. To donate, go online or leave a check in the offering boxes. Be sure to address all checks to Centers for Hope and write Gift for Life on the memo line.