10:2 Focus

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Blessed are the Persecuted

Those who are persecuted like the Lord Jesus and the prophets will receive the reward of heaven. This reward is not given to those who are recognized as great in […]

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Blessed are the Peacemakers

God is a peacemaker and He has given His children the ministry of reconciliation. When we are functioning as ambassadors of God in the family business of the Kingdom of […]

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Blessed are The Merciful

God is merciful. He does not give us what we deserve. His mercies are new each morning and He calls us to share His mercy with the world. News & […]

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Blessed are the Meek

Meekness is not weakness. It is strength under control being used to serve with humility, kindness, and love. Jesus was meek. When we are like Him, we are of service […]

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Blessed are Those Who Mourn

Sin is a disease that infects our souls and causes brokenness. The realization that sin causes guilt and shame not only for what we’ve done, but what it forms us […]

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