Gift for Life

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The Helper of the Plan

The Holy Spirit has come. He fills us with love for Jesus so that we happily obey Him. News & Events: Gift for Life FLIP 2022 – REGISTRATION OPEN Jacob […]

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The Good News of the Plan

The good news of God is that salvation is accomplished and all who believe will be saved. News & Events: Gift for Life FLIP 2022 – REGISTRATION OPEN HIRING: Middle […]

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The Intent of the Plan

God’s intention is for the Kingdom of God to grow and to permeate a person’s life and for it to permeate a culture through the church. News & Events: High […]

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The Demands of the Plan

God demands we come to Him with child-like faith that does not depend on personal merit, strength, or ability. Those who are saved are saved by faith in Christ alone. […]

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The Secrets of the Plan

God gives understanding by the Spirit to His people. Jesus spoke in parables to fulfill Isaiah’s prophesy. Those who believe are blessed by God to understand and perceive the Gospel. […]

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The Priority of the Plan

We are sheep. As sheep, we are constantly feeling at risk. In Christ, we are not at risk. In Christ, we have a King who cares for us through His […]

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