Gift for Life

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With The Helper

God did not abandon us here on this fallen planet. God is with us through the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit – the promised Helper. We must live in […]

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With God’s Mercy

In our hardest days, God’s mercy is sufficient to energize our souls for all that the Lord has called us to do and be. We must refresh our souls each […]

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With Real Love

Love is vital to our souls. Without love, we have nothing. We must refresh our souls with the pure love of God given in Christ. News & Events: Ministers in […]

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With The Truth

Jesus is the truth. In Him, we have the truth revealed. We must refresh our souls with the truth. News & Events: Membership & Ministry (M&M) | Today (Apr 28) […]

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With Christian Friends

God is a communal being as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He made us to commune with Him and one another. As the people of God, we are to help […]

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