Gift for Life

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God’s Grace Revealed

The Holy Spirit has come to give us new life. Now, we who trust in Christ alone for salvation by receiving this gift of God are God’s workmanship created in […]

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God’s Hope Revealed

God has called us to His hope, which is the glorious inheritance in the saints according to the immeasurable greatness of God’s power revealed in Christ. News & Events: Gift […]

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God the Spirit Revealed

The Holy Spirit is God. He seals us. He is the guarantee of our inheritance. News & Events: MIT Vocational Track – ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS 50 Plus Gathering Women’s L.I.F.T. FLIP […]

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God the Son Revealed

In Jesus, the Beloved, we have salvation provided through the all-wise purpose of God. In Christ, the redeemed have obtained an inheritance that brings glory to God. News & Events: […]

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God the Father Revealed

God the Father from eternity past in perfect union with the Son and Spirit destined a people for Himself who would be made holy and blameless sons to bring Himself […]

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God’s Blessing Revealed

News & Events: MIT Vocational Track – ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS Mom & Me Pajama Party Family Dedication – May 14 High School Senior Recognition Jewish Evangelism Training FLIP 2023 – Stellar Spanish […]

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