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Upcoming Worship Center Renovations

Beginning October 16, the Worship Center and adjacent lobby area will undergo significant renovations for the first time since 2011. This project includes new carpet in and around the Worship Center, and the pews will be replaced with new seating.

The decision to move to new seating was not made lightly. Originally installed in 1993, our current pews have reached the end of the 20-30 year lifespan originally suggested to us by the manufacturer. Additionally, in December of 2021, portions of our Worship Center flooded as a result of a tornado. Multiple pews were damaged during the event. Thankfully, we were able to make adequate short-term repairs, but it highlighted a need to determine a long-term seating plan that would best fit our mission and vision for the next 30 years.

Over the next eight months, we evaluated all long-term seating options for the Worship Center, including fully repairing and refurbishing the existing pews.

Primary factors included:

  • Long-term cost efficiency
  • Time required to complete the project and its impact on Sunday mornings
  • Best use of space and seating capacity
  • Flexibility in both the maintenance of seating and the room, in general
  • Maximum comfort for guests

After much discussion and prayerful consideration, our elders and trustees determined new seating in the Worship Center will be the best decision for our congregation, guests, and the church’s future.

Benefits of new seating includes:

  • New seating will increase capacity by roughly 200 people per service (600 total)
    • Since 2019 (pre-pandemic), Worship Center attendance has increased more than 16% (roughly 277 people each Sunday and 92 people per service) 
    • A recent Kentucky State Data Center Report projects Warren County will increase in population by over 55% (nearly 75,000 people) from 2020 to 2050
    • Increased seating capacity is crucial as we prepare for the potential population boom over the next 30 years
  • Improved comfort for guests
    • Space between rows will increase by roughly 8 inches, allowing for quicker and easier traffic flow getting in and out of seats (SEE DIAGRAM)
  • More efficient/flexible seat and room maintenance, repair, and cleanup
    • New seating will now allow for more space to vacuum and mop, extending the life of the flooring
    • Damaged and/or stained seats can be individually replaced quickly (without disrupting Sunday services), efficiently, and at a significantly reduced cost compared to reupholstering an entire pew or section of pews

We are excited to introduce the new seating in our Worship Center, and we are confident this is the direction that is best aligned with our mission and vision for the future of Living Hope. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Because of God’s provision through your financial faithfulness and the proactive approach our leadership has taken related to capital expenditures, we are able to fund this renovation with cash on hand. No debt will be incurred.
  • Barring unforeseen delays, renovation is scheduled to run Monday, October 16 through Thursday, November 16.
  • We will continue to gather in the Worship Center throughout the renovation. Please understand the space will be a construction zone, and seating will be primarily folding chairs. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and short-term discomfort, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.
  • The new seating will be on display in the Worship Center lobby. We encourage you to test drive it for yourself between services and ask any questions you may have.

You will hear more about the renovation over the next month. If you have any questions and/or concerns, we encourage you to email info@lhbg.org.