Equip & Rooted

Living Hope’s Equip Ministries provide resources, core courses, Adult Bible Fellowships, and training events to help Living Hope disciples follow Jesus with biblically-transformed minds, passionate hearts, and faithful lives.

Engaging the Spiritual Questions of Our Time
Wednesdays | 6-8p | Sept 4–Oct 30 | Cost: $15

An increasing number of people say they have no religion. But in their opposition to faith, they raise questions that may not sound religious, but are ultimately about life, hope, and God. This course will help disciples understand the cultural values that shape so many lives, train them how to meet non-believing friends where they are, listen deeply, and move conversations towards the Gospel of Jesus.  

Seven Crucial Rhythms of Life in the Way of Jesus
Sunday Evenings | Sept 8–Nov 17 | Cost: $15

Our gateway course for all disciples, Rooted is an 11-week discipleship experience that provides you the opportunity to connect with God, the church family, and your purpose in unexpected, life-changing ways. Rooted helps people of every life-stage, no matter where you are on your journey with Christ, to consider and practice the foundational elements of life in the way of Jesus. It all occurs in a small group environment that is marked by compelling conversations, story-telling, a safe space for questions, and practical learning experiences.

The Story We Find Ourselves In
Sundays | 5-7p | Sept 8–Nov 17 | Cost: $25

Since the Bible reveals God, His truth, and tells the one cohesive Story that directs and gives meaning to our lives, it is crucial that disciples know that Story well. In this course, we will explore the storyline of the whole Bible in chronological order and how each of the 66 books of the Bible tell a part of it. Disciples will learn and practice a practical way to remember the message, major personalities, events, and teachings in each book that will help equip for everyday conversations, training our children, and more.