Every day, you have an opportunity to impact someone's life. Living hopeful and being helpful requires biblical knowledge, practical skills, and intentionality. Throughout the year, you will be trained to effectively experience God through our Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes and Equip courses in order to join His mission where you live, work, learn, and play.

For more information on Equip Ministries, email us at equip@lhbg.org

access rightnow media for Free

RightNow Media has been called the Netflix of Christian video resources. Through RightNow's video streaming service, you gain access to thousands of Bible teaching sessions, conferences, and family-friendly children's programming. And its completely FREE to Living Hope members and attenders! Just email info@lhbg.org to request access to RightNow Media. For more information about the services, visit rightnowmedia.org.

Please note: Although RightNow Media has a record of presenting material that is consistent with our Articles of Faith, Living Hope's elders, pastors and ministers cannot unequivocally endorse all videos and studies there. The sheer amount of material makes it impossible to review everything. Should you find a resource with questionable teaching or content, please email equip@lhbg.org and we will review it.